PA Career Path

Administrative professionals have not up to now got a clear design on the options for them to progress their careers. So many people struggle when they consider the questions, how do I Become a PA? All too often someone working in administration or a PA or Secretary will not have set out a clear career path.

Naturally, following this career path will result in better job opportunities, wider job options, increased employability and more money. If I were to ask Legal or Finance professionals, they would point straight to the career path of an association. Unfortunately, we do not have a clear route and this article aims to give PAs a clear understanding of how to make progress in their career.

Beginner or Foundation Level in PA Jobs

Many of us have been in this situation, we find our first jobs in this type of junior position. We aim to make a move up in a few years, but for now we are keen to get a foothold in the job market. These types of roles include Office Junior roles, Administrative Assistant (junior level), receptionists and other such jobs. Each require some office and IT skills, but not clearly defining a set of skills. It can be enough to rely on your school qualifications, but sometimes it is not enough and an element of training in foundation Level office skills is needed.

At this level, you are most likely to need to have Microsoft Office Proficiency in at least Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel. You may also need a reasonable ability to type, but this can often improve on the job. However, knowledge of touch typing would be advantageous. You may need administrative skills, such as planning, organising, telephone skills, client care and other related skills. To find out more about training to gain foundation level office skills, please go to:

Secretary PA Jobs

The most difficult transition is often to get a good PA job and developing this skill set requires some experience in an administrative environment and relevant training. At this point you need good Microsoft Office Skills in Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. You will need to develop a good and accurate touch typing speed. It is true that many PA jobs do not require much typing now, but having the skill will make it possible for you to apply to all PA jobs.

Now you will also need to develop good Administrative Skills as well. We will look at this on the blog. Also, how to make the necessary move onto more advanced Executive Assistant work. Go to to find out more about PA Courses.

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